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We are all dealing with social distancing but that doesn't mean you can't have fun or add items to your home to make you smile. 

We are offering local delivery ($20 minimum & 5 mile radius from shop location) for all items in stock.    

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1265 results
4" Calathea Beauty Star
Only 2 left!
3" Peperomia Marble
Only 2 left!
Floating Photo Frame with Metal Stand
6" Hoya Fungi X Publicalyx
Only 2 left!
6" Senecio Rowleyanus String of Pearls
Recycled Glass Stemless Wine Glass - 4 Colors
Recycled Glass Stemmed Wine Glass - 4 Colors
72"L Handmade Wool Felt Wired Leaf Garland
72"L Cotton Pom Pom Garland
7-1/2"H Hand-Painted Metal Bird/Heart Ornament with Bell - 2 Styles
Enameled Mango Wood Trays with Evergreen Botanicals - 3 Styles/Sizes
4" Philodendron Cordatum (Heart Leaf Philodendron)
6" String Of Turtles
6" String Of Turtles
From $29.99
Embroidered Snowflake Ornament - 2 Styles
Arber Bio Insecticide Concentrate
12" Pachira Braid (Money Tree)
Only 2 left!
4" Combo Hypoestes
6" Tradescantia Zebrina
Only 2 left!
6" Philodendron Cordatum - 4 Sizes
3" Grafted Cactus (Moon Cactus)
Claw Pot - 2 Styles
Tentacle Pot - 2 Sizes
Monster Teeth Pot - 2 Styles
Phantom Collection - Tillandsia Holder/Candle Holder
Addler Cloche
Only 2 left!
Addler Cloche
Prized Plant Ornament - 3 Styles
You Have My Heart (Hoya Kerrii Plant) Greeting Card
Home Is Where the Plants Are Greeting Card
Hello Soil-mate Plant Greeting Card
You Are My Everything Plant Greeting Card
Hello Sunshine Plant Greeting Card
Thank You So Much Oxalisplant Greeting Card
Just Keep Beleafing Plant Greeting Card
Embroidered Floral Table Runner
Chandra Handcrafted Mango Wood Heart Box
Only 2 left!
Halloween Plushes - 4 Styles
Natural Suar Wood Mushrooms - 3 Sizes
Orchid Capiz Chime - 2 Sizes
Blue Water Spiral Capiz Chimes - 2 Styles
Spring Meadow Capiz Chime - 2 Sizes
6" Calathea Ornata
Handmade Ceramic Bowl
Handmade Ceramic Bowl
From $39.99
27"H Hanging Metal Bells w/ Braided Jute Hanger
6"H Cotton Embroidered Butterfly Ornament with Tassel
4" Philodendron Prince of Orange
3" Pitcher Plant
6" Tradescantia Fluminensis Variegated Plant
Only 2 left!
1265 results
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