2" Oxalis Triangularis Green Shamrocks


Oxalis are part of the sorrel family with close to 800 species. It is found in most areas of the world and is very common in Mexico, South Africa and Brazil.

The plant is as happy outdoors in your garden as it is, inside, growing in a pot.

While many varieties of oxalis are invasive, ornamental oxalis is not to be shunned. It can take pride of place in any garden bed.

Depending on the color of leaves, the flowers can be white, yellow, rose colored or pink. The flowers grow on top of bare stems and are quite dainty, and thin, like the leaves.

Well draining soil that is slightly acidic soil is ideal. (Coffee grounds sprinkled nearby can help with the acidity of the soil.)

The plant will grow best if it gets a few hours of sunlight every day. Afternoon shade is ideal. 

Oxalis likes a moist soil that drains well but does not like to be in a soggy spot. Bulbs will rot easily if the soil is too wet, so be careful of over watering.

On the other hand, don’t underwater, especially in the middle of summer.

Fertilize regularly during the growing season with a normal plant food at half strength.

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