10" Dracaena Elegance 'Lisa' - 4 Sizes


XL 6-7ft tall

Short 3-4 Ft 
Dracaena can survive in low or medium light, but the leaves will look their best in bright, indirect sun. Excessive sun can cause browning of leaves, as can too little humidity. If low humidity is a problem, occasional misting of the plant’s leaves may help, or you can place it on a shallow tray filled with pebbles and water.

As with most houseplants, the biggest danger is root rot from overwatering and/or lack of drainage. To prevent this, plant in a pot with drain holes, in standard well-draining potting mix, and allow to dry slightly between waterings. Water less often in fall and winter than during the growing seasons of spring and summer. 

Dracaena is toxic to both cats and dogs.

REG 5 FT or more

Local Delivery or Curbside Pickup Only

Pot not included


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