4" Philodendron Brandtianum


How much light does the philodendron brandi need?

Like most tropical plants, the silver leaf philodendron needs bright, indirect sunlight. They are happiest in an unimpeded north or east-facing window. Another way to make sure your plant is getting the right light is by putting up a shade cloth to filter the sunlight that gets through.

This is particularly helpful if you plan on keeping it on the porch or outdoors. It’s important that you keep it out of direct sunlight, especially at peak hours, because too much sun will cause the beautiful olive leaves to yellow or fade. 


Water needs

Since the philodendron brandtianum belongs to the tropics, it requires a decent amount of water. The plant should be regularly watered; wait until the top 2” of soil is dry to water again. In summer, it should be watered about 3 times a week because the soil will dry out faster. Monitor it if you have it outside to ensure it doesn’t dry out too fast.

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