1 Gallon Gerrardanthus Macrorhizus (Bigfoot)


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Gerrardanthus macrorhizus, also known as bigfoot, is a species of plant native to southern Africa. It is a popular pot plant. It is a deciduous caudiciform vine in the cucumber family that forms a very large caudex up to 40" in diameter. The caudex resembles a granite rock. The leaves are a medium dark green in an ivy-shaped form. Gerardanthus macrorhizus is dioecious, having male and female flowers on separate plants.

The flowers are small orchid-like and golden yellow. It is one of the few caudiciform plants which do not need special greenhouse care and can be grown outside.

Gerrardanthus macrorrhizus is of easy culture. They are fast growing and fun to cultivate.  Keep the caudex shaded, but allow the vines to grow to full sun if you want. I have my plants under about 50% shade.  The vines grow up and onto the lath structure, where they will flower.  Full sun can burn the caudex and may lead to plant death. Use a well draining soil as with most caudiciforms, 50% in-organics, like punice or perilite and 50% organics.  Protect from cold temperatures. Hold back on water during dormancy, watering less often. During the growing season, water once a week.  Light regular fertilizing will keep you plants healthy and growing strong.

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