10" Ravinea Majesty Palm


 5 Ft Tall



Although majesty palms are understory plants in their natural habitat, indoors it's a good idea to provide as much light as possible. Plants that are stretching and bleached should be moved into a brighter spot for a few weeks, but don't expose them to full sunlight.​


These palms are acid-loving plants that do best with a pH level as low as 5.0, so don't worry about a peat-based mixture acidifying and hurting your majesty palm. A potting mix designed for cactus or succulents, with some extra peat mixed in, is an ideal growing medium for majesty palms. These palms need good drainage to prevent water-logged roots.​1


Keep the potting media evenly moist, but not waterlogged. Don't let the plant's soil get too dry between waterings or you'll start to lose lower leaves.

Temperature and Humidity

This plant will grow fairly well in temperatures between 65 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. They prefer high humidity but can survive in ordinary household humidity levels. But they may get too dry in cold climates where winter air can get very dry; here, running a humidifier can make the plants happier. Misting the plant daily will also ensure it gets the humidity it craves. Low humidity levels can encourage insect pests.

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