4" Corkscrew Rush Spiralis


Corkscrew Rush is an easy to grow ornamental rush form of Juncus effusus with interesting twisted stems. This wetland perennial grass is a rush or sedge found in bogs, marshes, and swamps and is native over large portions of temperate climates of the world.  Varieties can be found throughout the United States except for South Dakota, Wyoming, and Utah.  These plants are located in almost every county in North Carolina. 

'Sparilis' has no leaves, but the stems are attractive, corkscrews which are both upright and prostrate, cylindrical, green, and smooth.   They grow into a mass to form a clump 12 - 18 inches in height and equal spread.  The late summer-blooming flowers are yellowish-green to brown in many-flowered cymes with an obovoid capsule following as fruit. 

It can grow with  1 to 6 inches of water over the crown and works well in containers of 2 gallons or larger.   They prefer full sun but can tolerate some shade.  They require consistently moist soil and they grow well in pots and as houseplants.   

  • Water generously. Constantly wet soil is needed to keep Juncus effusus 'Spiralis' healthy and thriving. Don't allow the soil to dry out. Foliage will turn yellow then brown if it gets too dry. It's a good idea to keep your corkscrew rush plant in a pot without a drainage hole. Juncus is native to marsh areas, so it loves soggy soil -- even standing water.
  • Shed some light. Put your Juncus plant in your sunniest window -- or shift it outdoors for the spring and summer. It will tolerate lower light levels, but won't grow much. If you don't have a spot near a window, grow lights work beautifully.
  • Repot in spring, moving up to a container 1 size larger when it becomes crowded. Juncus is fast-growing when it gets the sunlight and water it wants. You may need to divide it every spring.

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