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Being in the fig (ficus) family, the Umbellata is of African origin but has popularity in Japanese culture as a houseplant.



 If indoors, the Ficus Umbellata prefers bright light. A location close to a window is best, and more growth will be evident when the plant is given more light. This plant can handle some gentle direct light, but make sure to acclimatise them before giving them more than a couple of hours of direct morning light to avoid any browning. Outdoors, Ficus Umbellata grow best in moderate shade.



This plant prefers to dry out a little in between waterings. When watering, be sure to water the soil until the excess drains out the bottom. This is better than watering with small sips. When they’re more established they’ll also be able to handle longer periods of dryness.


Most plants in the ficus family prefer a well-draining soil. This helps prevent issues caused by over-watering too. If repotting, consider using a cactus & succulent mix, or mix a handful of horticultural charcoal and pine bark mulch into the mix. These chunky particles will help the soil to drain. Horticultural charcoal also has a bunch of other benefits, including antibacterial properties.


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