People love Pink Jasmine, aka Jasminum polyanthum, because of its strong, sweet scent and abundance of  blooms. I bet you’ve already seen it flowering like crazy around your town and are wondering how to grow Pink Jasmine Vine so that you too can also enjoy that delightful aroma. After all, who doesn’t want a plant that gets madly covered in scented blooms?

And that is what makes this jasmine a crowd pleaser – that abundance of starry white blooms in clusters.  The vine gets covered with so many blooms that you can’t even see the foliage. The Pink Jasmine Vine’s a very popular landscaping plant because it’s easy to find, grows fast and is easy to care for.  For landscaping, it’s very versatile. It can be seen on trellis’ (which they fast outgrow), walls, arbors, and chain link fences as well as  growing up into trees and phone poles.

This twining vine can grow up to 25 feet; it’s not a small scale plant. If you’re looking for an accent in your garden this one’s not for you as you’ll need to give it room to grow. Pink Jasmine Vine grows fast, dense and will attach to anything close by. Don’t plant it next to a tree because it’ll crawl up into & could eventually take it over.

A minimum of 4-5 hours of sun daily. It’ll grow in the shade also but will look leggy & won’t flower. This would have no appeal. Part sun will do as long as it’s nice & bright. On the coast it can take full sun.  If inland, it needs protection from the hot sun or it’ll burn (not to mention the fact you’ll need to give it more water).

If you’re in a colder coastal zone, you might consider planting it in front of south or west facing wall to give the vine additional warmth.

Watering always depends on your climate, humidity & soil conditions. As a general rule, it needs to be watered regularly.  It can go drier once established but will appreciate & look better if deeply watered every 2 weeks. During the colder months water your Pink Jasmine once you see the soil is drying out.  Like all plants, it needs less water during this season & you want to avoid root rot (if your soil is drains well, then you have to worry about this less).

While your Jasmine is establishing, the 1st year or 2 after planting, you need to water it more often. This will promote a healthier root system that will make the plant more resistant in years to come.

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