4" Sedum Morganianum "Donkeys Tail"



Sedum Morganianum can be grown both indoors and out, as long as you provide it with sufficient sunlight for it to thrive. It grows best when exposed to plenty of bright sunlight. It will be happiest outdoors where it can receive the brightest light possible, but it can also be grown indoors when given the right conditions.

Outdoors, place in a bright sunny location. This plant will tolerate light shade to full sun. Before moving the plant outdoors or increasing the amount of sunlight it receives, it is better to acclimate the plant to prevent sunburn.

Slowly increase the amount of light the plant receives to get it acclimated to the more intense light. This will help prevent sunburn or sun damage. Keep in mind that even when the plant is already acclimated to the sun, you still need to provide sun protection or shade during a heatwave or intense heat.

In the summer months, water my Sedum Morganianum every 7-10 days, sometimes more during a heatwave. Cut back on watering to every 10-14 days when the weather cools down. If you live in a humid location, you won’t need to water as much.

During the winter season, rely on rainwater and hold back on watering altogether because this is when we get a lot of rain in my area. But if you don’t get any rain at all during winter then water at least once a month or every 2-3 weeks.

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