5 Gallon Epiphyillum Hookeri White


Epiphyllums are easy to grow in large hanging baskets or supported in a large pot with stakes or trellis. We like to grow our E. oxypetalum up into the branches of frangipani - as they flower at the same time. Epiphyllums are easy to grow in large hanging basket or supported in a large pot with stakes or trellis.

Orchid cacti do best when allowed to grow through other shrubs (to prop them up) or through small trees like frangipani. They enjoy the heat and a little shade. They are easy and undemanding to grow.

Morning sun will increase flower numbers. Stems can become slightly yellow in strong light although some think this is a minor cost for an increase in beautiful flower blooms. They dislike over-watering and prefer mild winters. Keep slightly dry through cool weather and water more often in summer. Feed during spring with a mild liquid feed in the growth season to encourage more shoots and therefore more blooms. The leaves are modified stems, adapted to cling to the host tree as well as photosynthesize. 

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