5 Gallon Organic Cherry Tomato Plant


3-4 ft Tall 

One juicy reward of gardening is biting into a plump ripe tomato. There are many different types of tomatoes to choose from, but most gardeners like to include at least one bush of scrumptious cherry tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes come in red, orange, yellow and even “black,” and they’re equally sweet and delicious when they ripen on the vine. Read on for tips on how to grow cherry tomatoes.

How to Water Cherry Tomato Plants

Like all plants, tomatoes need consistent moisture; keep the soil wet enough to prevent wilting but not so wet that the roots remain soggy. Garden tomatoes require generally 1 to 2 inches of water per week, but that can change depending on weather conditions (such as excessive drought) and the size of the plant. When the plants are young, drip irrigation is best because it can help avoid strong streams of water that erode the soil. As the tomato plants mature, water more slowly and deeply. Consistent water is especially important in the summer heat when irregular moisture swings and dry soil can lead to problems such as blossom-end rot and fruit splitting.

If you grow tomatoes in containers, pay close attention to your watering schedule because containers will dry out more quickly than garden soil.

How to Prune Cherry Tomatoes

Not all gardeners choose to prune their tomatoes but it is an extra step that can help the plants produce more fruit. Pruning simply means you remove the suckers, or small stems, growing from the main stem. Suckers tend to produce foliage but not a lot of fruit, so without excess foliage the plant can focus its energy and nutrients on the fruit-bearing stems. You should also prune off any stems that drag on the ground, as they are susceptible to diseases and pests.

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