5 Gallon Passionfruit Vine


Do you have a passion for tropical treats and funky flowers? If so, then passion fruit vine is the perfect choice for you! This is a fast-growing climber that will add intrigue to your garden and flavor to your dinner table. 

Passionfruit vines are not for the faint of heart. These are vigorous plants that will climb to the treetops and explode in colorful blossoms and plentiful fruit. Even though they’re easy to grow, these plants need lots of water, nutrients, and pruning. But the harvest is well worth it!

You might think the name comes from gardener’s love for the fruit, but these plants actually have a religious history. In the 1700s, Spanish settlers thought the flower to be symbolic of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. They named it based on the Latin meaning of Passio: suffering.

No actual suffering here though, because passion fruit is a delight to grow! With a little time and energy, this plant will quickly become the MVP of your garden and kitchen.

Common Name(s) Passionfruit, purple granadilla, purple passionfruit, water lemon, passionfruit vine
Scientific Name Passiflora edulis
Days to Harvest 80 days
Light Full sun
Water: Consistently
Soil Well-draining, loamy, and fertile
Fertilizer 2-4 times a year, high potassium
Pests Caterpillars, root knot nematodes, snails

Woodiness virus, fusarium wilt


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