I will be happiest indoors where I can get bright, indirect light such as near a south or north-facing window. Make sure that I receive bright light daily but that rays of sunlight do not hit my leaves. I tend to grow in the direction that I am receiving light.

Start by watering me once a week. Use a spray bottle, watering can, or measuring cup to water me with approximately 16 ounces (473 ml) of watering per session.

Pour water slowly all around the center of the plant so that it filters down the base. Watering is no good to me if the water runs down the outside of the root ball, leaving my central roots dry. This can happen if you water too quickly or apply too much water at once. Slower watering is usually more effective. The key is to ensure that water gets to my root zone. Sometimes it is helpful to prick little holes into the gravel and soil with a dull knife or the end of a pencil and pour water inside to assure it goes down well.

Check up on the same day of the month by inserting your finger into the soil about half an inch and feel the moisture level. If it feels moist, try again in a couple of days. If the soil feels dry, you need to water me as instructed above. I like moist but not soggy soil.  Once we do this for a few weeks, you will get the hang of it and you can determine the best watering schedule for your light, temperature and moisture conditions.  

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