6" Monolena Primuliflora ‘Midnight Glory’


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Monolena Primuliflora ‘Midnight Glory’ is a truly eye-catching plant with bushy growth and leaves with a unique pattern that emerge bright red and slowly turn dark green as they mature. The undersides of its leaves are a reddish purple with lime green veining. Found in the jungles of Ecuador and Peru, this plant belongs to the group of ant plants, because it forms a symbiosis with ants in nature with the caudex of the plant serving as their home. It is a truly beautiful pick for plant enthusiasts that want something a little out of the ordinary!

Monolena Primuliflora ‘Midnight Glory’ grows on trees in its natural habitat, which is why their root systems are weaker than those of other plants. They prefer a spot in half-shade and do not like direct sun. Monolena will need to be watered every two to three days during summer. Diving it into the water as one would do with an orchid will work wonders for it.

Monolena Primuliflora ‘Midnight Glory’ regularly produces small, pink flowers along with new leaves. It goes into dormancy from time to time, so do not lose hope when it loses its leaves. If you water it less, but frequently, it will grow back after a while. 

Care tips:

Light: bright indirect light

Soil: well draining potting mix

Water: Allow top inch or two of soil to dry before watering to avoid rot

Humidity: medium to high moisture

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