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The genus name of Asparagus is thought to be derived from the Greek, Asparagos, for the cultivated asparagus, and is possibly derived from a, meaning intensive, and sparassa, to tear, referring to the sharp spines of many species. The Latin word, falcatus, means sickle-shaped and alludes to the shape of the leaves.

With its tiny, very sweet-smelling flowers, its main pollinators are probably bees and other insects. The attractive red fruit attracts birds and they disperse the seed. Because this plant grows mainly in forest areas, the stem has adapted by producing thorns to help it to grip and climb through the canopies of trees to reach the sunlight.

Grow this plant to hang over a pergola or a fence. It can also be planted to serve as a protective hedge. It grows well in shade, but will tolerate partial sunlight. This is a fast-growing plant and can grow up to 50 mm per day. The plant grows best in moist, well-drained humus-peat soil. It can cope with a little soil; the ideal temperature is 21°C. It can be used successfully as a container plant, but remember to repot or trim the roots as it will break the pot if left to grow too big. The leaves are get sometimes eaten by various insects. To control the damage, occasionally spray the foliage with a pesticide.

Not toxic to cats & dogs

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