Drishti Evil Eye Heart Box


This heart shaped box with lid is handcrafted with sustainably harvested mango wood. Master artisans in north central India begin with solid blocks of ethically sourced wood and use hand tools to skillfully carve the blocks into functional works of art. This hand carved wooden box features an evil eye carving on the lid. The swivel lid pivots to reveal the open, heart shaped, inner compartment. The alluring evil eye art and white rub finish give this box an heirloom quality of wooden treasures collected in the bustling spice markets of Delhi or Calcutta. This piece can be used as a handcrafted jewelry box, wooden keepsake box, memory box, or unique gift box. The evil eye design is a quasi-universal symbol of protection. The evil eye is a look or stare believed to bring bad luck for the person at whom it is directed. Wearing an evil eye talisman is said to ward off evil forces. Displaying this talisman over the entrance of a home is thought to keep it protected. Add this hand carved wooden box to your boho home decor, office decor, or dorm decor to protect your energy and space, or give this gift with meaning to a friend or loved one. This heart box will make a meaningful housewarming gift or gift for a graduate. It will make an excellent box for crystals, rare coins, jewelry, or a sewing kit. A wooden box is a reusable and sustainable gift wrapping idea for small gifts, jewelry gifts, monetary gifts, or honey pot gifts. This mango wood box can also be used to transform a traditional gift card box into a keepsake.

DIMENSIONS:3.75"L , 4.25"W , 2"H
MATERIALS:mango wood

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