5 Gallon San Pedro Cactus


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Growing Echinopsis Pachanoi is easy especially since this versatile cactus is very forgiving and only needs a little water and some nutrients. The best thing about San Pedros is that they don’t mind cold weather as long as the temperatures don’t drop below 15°F (-9°C). So, if you live in a temperate region, you won’t have any issues with growing San Pedro cacti outdoors.

In its natural habitat, this cactus gets a lot of natural light and its soil is more nutrient-rich than the regular cacti soil mix. If you grow this cactus in a container, you can feed the soil a little, but not too much, because it’s still a cactus.

Cacti don’t need a lot of water to grow healthy and happy, but just like any other plant, they do need some care, love, and attention. When growing Echinopsis Pachanoi indoors, make sure you place it on a well-lit window sill, preferably on the south-side, and water it more often on hot summer days.


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