Marshmallow S'more Salt & Pepper Set


Streamline Imagined Marshmallow S'mores Salt and Pepper Shaker Set: Who doesn't love a campfire s'mores dessert? The Marshmallow S'More Salt & Pepper Set combines that camping nostalgia for graham crackers, chocolate and burnt marshmallows with the collectible nature of salt and pepper shakers. While the Marshmallow S'more Salt & Pepper Set is made of painted ceramic, the features of a classic set of s'mores are all there. A sweet, happy-faced, chocolate-topped marshmallow is sandwiched between two grahams on each shaker. Rosy cheeks make these almost too cute to use as shakers but the functionality makes them a great addition to a cabin or home table. Made from Ceramic | Packaged in a colorful and attractive gift box.

2.5” x 2.5”

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