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Tansy is about a warm home, celebrating nature and creativity.
We are an eclectic collection of unique, one-of-a-kind art and home décor pieces. 
Tansy brings a love for plant-life to your home-life, offering succulent arrangements and the opportunity for you to create your own. 
Tansy believes in the creation of a joyful home, bringing bright, cheerful colors from around the world together with nature.
We want to share in the joy of growing a vibrant home.
Thinking globally, we sell handmade items from individual artists across cultures.
We hope to share in their creativity and inspire your imagination.
We not only offer the many types of unique art and home accessories you see here, we also offer events based on our love of nature:
Fairy garden planting parties
Dinosaur and Dragon parties
Classes on living wall and wreath design, and natural crafts 
Sustainable living workshops
Girls night out planting parties
    Join the Tansy family and surround yourself with the inspiration of unique hand-made art and the joy of nature. 
    You belong here.
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