Flower Vessels & Propagation

As cliché as they might feel, flowers are still a great way to brighten up a room and you’ll likely need a vase to go along with them. There’s a good chance your favorite person doesn’t own a vase that will properly support the flowers you lovingly purchased at the Quickie-Mart, you thoughtful Casanova.

Feel free to pick any below!

Flower Vessels & Propagation
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Tiny Plant Propagation Leaf Diffusers - 2 Styles
Dahey Plant Propagation Wall Mounted
Suede Leather Wall Vase
Metal & Glass Hanging Test Tube Vase with Jute Hanger - 2 Sizes
Glass Vase, Clear
Only 2 left!
Glass Hanging Test Tube - 3 Sizes
Hanging Glass Vase with Wire Hanger
Glass Vase in Metal Stand
Only 1 left!
Recycled Wooden Butterfly Wall Hanging with Bud Vase
4"H 12 oz. Embossed Drinking Glass
Stainless Steel Hand Painted Floral Tall Neck Vase - 4 Colors
Glass Body Vase
Only 1 left!
Pebble Glass Vase - 3 Sizes
Mushroom Vase - 2 Styles
Ceramic Multi-Colored Urn with Two Handles
Only 2 left!
Metropolitan Flower Narrow Vase - 2 Sizes
Recycled Glass Vase - 3 Styles
Serpent Collection - 3 Styles
Juliana Budvases - 3 Sizes/3Colors
Ashby Budvases - 3 Sizes
Hand-Blown Frosted Art Glass Vase with Multi Color Stripe - 2 Styles
Bubble Drinking Glass - 2 Styles
Amber Glass Vase
Only 1 left!
Gild Leaf Vase - 2 Sizes
Blown Glass Vase On Hand - 3 Styles
Blue Glass Vase
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