Statues & Figurines

The Laughing Buddha brings good luck, and abundance in one's life. Putting the statue of Buddha in a house or shop increases positivity and the chances of loss can be reduced.
Statues & Figurines
57 results
Buddha with Alms Tray - 2 Sizes
Hand-Carved Wood Lakshmi Statue
Only 1 left!
Wooden Elephant Sculpture
Only 2 left!
Praying Happy Buddha Statue
Only 1 left!
Avalokitesvara Buddha Garden Statue
Only 1 left!
Zen Garden Statue - 2 Styles
Mermaid on Rock - Garden to Go Figurine
Rabbit with Bird on Ear  - Garden to Go Figurine
Only 1 left!
Bunny Friends Playing on a Plank - Garden to Go Figurine
Only 1 left!
Three Bunny Rabbits Cuddling - Garden to Go Figurine
Llama Friends - Garden to Go Figurine
Only 1 left!
Llama with Bird - Garden to Go Figurine
Llama with Blanket - Garden to Go Figurine
Blue Felt Twin Fairy Mushroom Potted Plant
Only 1 left!
Felt Twin Mushroom Ornament - Red
Felt Woodland Mushroom - 3 Styles
Yellow Felt Twin Fairy Mushroom Potted Plant
Only 2 left!
Carnero Sculpture
Meditating Buddha Statue
Laying Buddha Figure
Only 2 left!
Seated Buddha Figure
Only 1 left!
Botero Cast Iron Animal Figurines - 5 Styles
Lucky Cats Ceramic Chopsticks Holders - Set of 5
Pink Lady Felt Wool Woodland Mushroom
Only 1 left!
Set of 12 Plastic Dinosaur Skeletons with Antique Finish
Wool Felt Mushrooms - 2 Styles
Best Wishes Sign - 2 Styles
Handpainted Incense Catcher
Benevolent Elephant Statue
Only 2 left!
Attacus Atlas Moth Porcelain Miniature
Only 1 left!
Firefox Red Panda Porcelain Miniature
Gladiator Leopard Gecko Porcelain Miniature
Only 2 left!
Good Luck Dragon Porcelain Miniature
Jojo Monarch Caterpillar Porcelain Miniature
Misty Wild Pony Porcelain Miniature
Silk Tarantula Porcelain Miniature
Only 1 left!
Hazel Tulip Embossed Bunny - 2 Styles
Baby Bunnies in Easter Eggs - 3 Styles
Bobble Head Wood Elephant
Only 2 left!
Moveable Wood Bunny - 2 Sizes
Gold Albasia Wood Buddha Ornament Statue
Only 2 left!
Terra Cotta Buddha Statue - 3 Styles
Bones Tyrannosaurus Porcelain Miniature
Bounder Jackrabbit Porcelain Miniature
Chipper Chipmunk Porcelain Miniature
Daisy Ladybug On Flower Porcelain Miniature
Hammer Sea Otter Porcelain Miniature
Pulse Brown Bat Porcelain Miniature
57 results
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