From storing throw pillows and blankets to creating a global accent wall, there are endless uses for baskets. Items are crafted by hand from natural or recycled materials such as palm leaf fiber, raffia, kaisa grass, and even colorful sari cloth. Basket weaving is a time-honored tradition in many cultures, so by choosing one of these products, you can bring a little bit of history into your home.
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Hand-Woven Seagrass Striped Baskets Yellow & Black - 5 Sizes
Bamboo Footed Baskets - 3 Sizes
Jute Wall Baskets with Leather Loop - 2 Sizes
Round Woven Baskets with Jute Handles - 3 Sizes
Nesting Spoke Baskets
Nesting Spoke Baskets
From $19.99
Black & White Natural Seagrass Collapsible Basket with Cotton Tassel Trim
Only 2 left!
Natural Seagrass Basket with Handles
Hand-Woven Seagrass Striped Baskets - 2 Sizes
Kukua Star Basket
White & Natural Round Natural Seagrass Baskets - 3 Sizes
Wicker Baskets with Rope Handles - 2 Sizes
Large Three-Petal Basket
Only 1 left!
Pom Pom Baskets - 2 Sizes
Bee Skep Basket
Black & Orange Hand-Woven Natural Seagrass & Cotton Rope Basket with Handles
Painted Palm Leaf Collapsible Baskets, White with Tassel
Only 1 left!
Natural Raffia & Banana Leaf Baskets - 2 Sizes
Spring Harvest Basket
Sari Handle Baskets - 3 Sizes
Sea Flower Gallery Basket
Only 1 left!
Cotton & Jute Braided Striped Baskets - 2 Sizes
Pom Pom Basket - 3 Sizes
Bunnies in Basket  - Garden to Go Figurine
Only 2 left!
Kukua Plant Basket
Warm Sunburst Basket
Flame & Flower Basket
Benni Basket - 2 Sizes
Limelight Gallery Basket
Only 1 left!
Starburst Gallery Basket
Only 1 left!
Komati Flower Basket
Only 1 left!
Antique Metal Carrier
Only 1 left!
Natural Woven Seagrass Baskets with Handles - 2 Sizes
Hand-Woven Hanging Rattan Basket
Natural Water Hyacinth & Banana Leaf Baskets - 2 Sizes
Natural Rattan Baskets - 2 Sizes
Nested Recycled Paper Barrel Handled Basket
Longleaf Basket - 2 Sizes
Simona Basket - 2 Sizes
Set of 3 Round Canvas Baskets - 2 Styles
Set of 3 Multi Colored Hand-Woven Abaca Baskets
Lubombo Diamond Basket
Only 2 left!
African Sunset Basket
Only 2 left!
Hand-Woven Abaca Baskets - 2 Sizes
Natural Seagrass Baskets with Brown & Pink Pom Poms - 2 Sizes
Set of 3 Round Canvas Baskets  - Never Grow Up
Only 2 left!
Fall Forest Gallery Basket
Only 1 left!
Set of 3 Felt Nesting Baskets
Only 1 left!
Set of 3 Nesting Oval Natural Woven Seagrass Baskets with Handles
52 results
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