Native to the tropics of India and Polynesia, aralia is an interesting and exotic houseplant that is technically an evergreen shrub. While it is a bit more temperamental to grow than your average plant, it's well worth the effort for its fluffy, bright green foliage.

Ming aralia likes bright, indirect light and can handle light shade. Allowing the plant to get morning sun is good, but it should never be kept in direct sunlight during the harsher afternoon hours, as the rays can scorch its fragile foliage. Aim for about six to 8 hours of filtered light a day.

Water every 7-10 days 

Botanical Name Polyscias fruticosa
Common Name Ming aralia
Plant Type Evergreen shrub
Mature Size 6–8 ft. tall, 2–3 ft. wide
Sun Exposure Partial shade
Soil Type Rich, loamy, well-drained
Soil pH Acidic
Bloom Time Summer (rarely blooms)
Flower Color Yellow, white
Hardiness Zones 11, 12 (USDA)
Native Area Asia
Toxicity Toxic to pets and humans

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