Oh lovely Cacti!

Let them soak up the sun—but not too much—and enjoy the heat. You want things to be just right for your prickly plant. "Cacti enjoy all the attention they can get from the sun and thrive in the direct light—place them in the warmest, sunniest corner of your home. They would love to go outside for a summer vacation if you have a sunny patio or yard. Bring them outside when nighttime lows are above 50°F," says Thon. "They will thrive outside and you will start to see them grow a lot quicker compared to being indoors. No need to worry about watering them when outdoors—the occasional rain shower should be enough for them! Bring them back inside at the end of summer when it starts to dip below 50°F."

While cacti should get up to eight hours of sunlight per day, it's also important to be mindful they aren't getting too much sunlight. "Cacti can get sunburned. While they love the sun they can turn yellow or brown, and if that starts to happen, move the cactus away from its light source to cool down," recommends Palomares, who also advises that you keep your cacti away from an air conditioner or drafty windows since they enjoy warm, dry climates.

Give them a drink—but not too much—and give long breaks in between. "Cacti are known for surviving without much watering, as they retain water in their stems. However, that doesn't mean they don't need watering at all. Be sure to check the soil every few weeks. If the first 2 to 3 inches of soil are dry, it's time to give the plant a drink.

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