approx. 27”x27”

These rustic plaques feature a beautiful Staghorn Fern mounted to a rectangle-shaped cedar board with sphagnum moss. Staghorn Ferns get their name from the large, bifurcated, antler-like fronds that shoot out dramatically from the center of the plant. These plants are ephiphytes, growing naturally in the crooks of trees, which makes them an ideal candidate for mounting, as they require little root space to thrive. The small size of these plaques make them an ideal choice to liven up small spaces like a sunny kitchen or bedroom. With a built in hook, they hang easily and they look great.

Botanical Name Platycerium bifurcatum
Common Name Staghorn Fern
Plant Size Staghorn Ferns can grow up to 6 feet long.
Types of Staghorn Ferns American Staghorn Fern
Elephant Ear Staghorn Fern
French Elkhorn Fern or Silver Elkhorn
Green Staghorn or Stiff Staghorn
Moosehorn Fern or Regal Elkhorn Fern
Platycerium Alcicorne
Platycerium Bifurcatum
Platycerium Superbum
Ridley’s Staghorn
Triangle Staghorn Fern
Sunlight Staghorn Fern prefers bright, indirect light.
Water Water once per week during spring and summer, and water once every two to three weeks during cooler months.
Humidity Staghorn Fern is a humidity-lover. Increase humidity around your Staghorn Fern to help it thrive.
Temperature The ideal range is 60–80°F. Staghorn Fern is cold-hardy, but the temperature should not be allowed to drop below 50°F.
Toxicity Staghorn Ferns are non-toxic to both cats and dogs.
Food Feed it monthly with a diluted balanced fertilizer during spring and summer, and every other month during fall and winter.
Pests and Problems Staghorn Ferns are susceptible to a disease called rhizoctonia leaf spot when kept too wet.
Omysa Plant Care Tip Less light or heat = less watering.
More humidity = less watering.
More light or heat = more watering.
Remember these tips, and your Staghorn Fern will flourish.

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