Faux Greenery

For all you naysayers out there, we say: forget what you think you know about artificial plants.  Some are totally realistic-looking and some are whimsy. Either way, you win!
Faux Greenery
97 results
Dahlia Mix Swag
Moss Twig Garland
Faux Wildflower Orb
Only 1 left!
Wine Bunch 7 Shola Orchid Branch
Only 2 left!
Felt Cattails - 3 Colors
Felt Calla Lily - 4 Colors
4.5" Wildflower Mix Accent Wreath - 2 Sizes
Faux Wildflower Mix Garland
Wildflower Pansy Garland
Faux Garden Clematis Stem
Wildflower Hanging
Faux Sunflower Stem
Faux Lavender Spray - 2 Colors
Faux Potted Yellow Wispy Bouquet
Only 1 left!
Faux Mini Leaf Berry Cascade
Faux Acer Palmatum Vine
Faux Hanging Succulent
Faux WildFlower Swag
Faux Lavender Swag
Only 2 left!
Cherry Blosom Garland
Only 2 left!
Provence Rustic Potted Faux Mint Herb Plant
Provence Rustic Potted  Faux Purple Basil Herb Plant
Provence Rustic Potted  Faux Green Basil Herb Plant
Felt Cone Flower - 3 Colors
Faux Eucalyptus Wreath
Only 2 left!
Felt Harvest Leaf- 6 Colors
Provence Rustic Potted Faux Lavender Herb Plant - 2 sizes
Faux Hanging Teardrop - 3 Styles
Set of 3 Hanging Grass Fern Leaf
Daisy Eucalyptus Garland
Only 1 left!
Faux Cosmo Bouquets - 4 Colors
Faux Cosmo Bush
Only 2 left!
Faux Wildflower Bouquet - 3 Colors
Mini Snowball Faux Flowers - 4 Colors
Artificial Potted Fern
Only 2 left!
Faux Hanging Succulents - 3 Styles
Maiden Hair Fern Vine
Faux Blooms in Paper Pot
Mini Faux Succulent - 7 Critters
Faux Fern in Paper Pot
Faux Yellow Waffle Stem
Only 2 left!
Faux Lavender Plant in Paper Pot
Only 2 left!
Rabbit Ear Faux Plant
Alpine Fern Faux Plant
Fern Multi Leaf Spray
Only 2 left!
Set of 3 Faux Ferns with Exposed Roots
Only 2 left!
Faux Hanging Fern Premade Arrangement
Only 2 left!
Faux Potted Albo Monstera
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97 results
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