Lanterns, Candleholders & Candles

Through miles on weary miles of night

That stretch relentless in my way

My lantern burns serene and white

An unexhausted cup of day  

                                        - Joyce Kilmer

Lanterns, Candleholders & Candles
100 results
Mystical Candle Lantern
Moroccan Style Lantern - 9 Colors
Arched Window Pane Lantern
Only 2 left!
Emerald Green Moroccan Lantern
Handpainted Hanging Mason Jars - 3 Colors
Mushroom Candle Set
Mushroom Candle
Only 2 left!
Sagittarius Zodiac Superlative Candle
Scorpio Zodiac Superlative Candle
Buddha Tea Light Holder
Only 1 left!
Calypso Vase
Calypso Vase
"I Love You So Much" Amazing Secret Message Candle
"All Kind of Amazing Things" Secret Message Candles
"Bright Place" Amazing Secret Message Candle
"Everything I Love About You..." Amazing Secret Message Candle
Aquarius Zodiac Superlative Candle
Buddha Witness TeaLight Candles - 2 Styles
Butterfly Vase
Antique Wood Star Candle - Vanilla, Sage & Lavender Scented
Wood Heart Candle - Lavender Lovespell Scent
Antique Wood Pumpkin Candle - Cinnamon Scent
Only 1 left!
Halloween Candle - Cashmere & Vanilla Scented
4" Chaparral Yucca
Only 2 left!
Whale Tealight Holder
Organic Wood Trays Set of 3
Only 2 left!
Love Spell Candle
Love Spell Candle
From $27.99
Zig Zag Amber Candle Holder
Marcy-Metallic Candle Holder
Eucalyptus & Orange Metallic Candle 2-Pack
Felt Heart Garland
Only 1 left!
Tulum Votive Candle Holder - 3 Colors
Orson Candleholder/Vase/Planter
Antique Wood Lavender Candle
Only 1 left!
Glass Leaf Lantern
Only 1 left!
Beveled Votive Candle Holder - 3 Colors
Dots-Blue Candle Holder
Wood Tray w/ 9 Glass Votive Holders, Green, Boxed Set of 10
Only 1 left!
Glass Hanging Terrarium
Enameled Fern Hurricane
Mason Jar Chimney with Stand - 3 Sizes
Pisces Zodiac Superlative Candle
Northern Star Ornament - 3 Sizes
Guiding Star Ornament - 2 Sizes
Bramley Candle Holders - 3 Styles
Lunula Ornament - 3 Sizes
Artisan Terracotta Lantern
White Tea & Ginger Citro Coil - Set of 2
100 results
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