Lanterns, Candleholders & Candles

Through miles on weary miles of night

That stretch relentless in my way

My lantern burns serene and white

An unexhausted cup of day  

                                        - Joyce Kilmer

Lanterns, Candleholders & Candles
87 results
Eucalyptus & Orange Metallic Candle 2-Pack
Only 2 left!
Tulum Votive Candle Holder - 3 Colors
Orson Candleholder/Vase/Planter
Glass Hanging Terrarium
Enameled Fern Hurricane
Mason Jar Chimney with Stand - 3 Sizes
Pisces Zodiac Superlative Candle
Guiding Star Ornament - 2 Sizes
Bramley Candle Holders - 3 Styles
Embossed Drinking Glass - 4 Colors
Set of 6 Succulent/Cacti TeaLight Candles - 4 Varieties
Mushroom TeaLight Candles
Citronella Anti-Mosquito Candle
Dots-Blue Candle Holder
Only 1 left!
Buddha Tea Light Holder
Illuminate Tealight Holder - 5 Colors
Soji Stella Boho Metallic Emerald Solar Globe
Only 2 left!
Soji Stella Copper Solar Globe
Soji Stella Prism Rose Metallic Orchid Solar Light
Soji Ink Solar Globe
Soji Stella Pearl Boho Solar Globe
Soji Stella Print & Punch Indigo Leaf Solar Globe
Soji Stella Bell Marquis Ultamarine Solar Light
Soji Stella Copper Drum Chevron Solar Light
Soji Stella Bronze Boho Solar Globe
Soji Stella Metallic Blue Boho Solar Globe
Gild Leaf Vase - 2 Sizes
Libra Zodiac Superlative Candle
"Do More of What Makes Your Heart Happy" Secret Message Candle
Only 2 left!
7 Assorted Heart TeaLight Candles
Cone Chakra Incense
Glass Heart with Dried Flowers
"The world is a brighter place..." Heart Shaped Secret Message Candle
Only 2 left!
Heart Candles - 6 Styles
6" Pickle Plant
Only 1 left!
Northern Star Ornament - 3 Sizes
Whale TeaLight Candles - 3 Colors
Sold Out
Buddha Witness TeaLight Candles - 2 Styles
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Zig Zag Amber Candle Holder
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87 results
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