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Creativity is thinking up new things.  

Innovation is doing new things.

             - Theodore Levitt

New Arrivals
1407 results
Hand-Woven Seagrass Striped Baskets Pink & Purple - 5 Sizes
5 Gallon Variegated Potato Vine
Faux Dogwood Accent Ring
Eucalyptus & Poppy Swag
Magnolia Swag
Magnolia Swag
JellyCat Heart Plushes - 2 Colors
JellyCat Floral Plushes - 30 Styles
8" Reverse Spider Plant
Only 2 left!
4" Tradescantia Pallada White Fuzzy (Sillamontana)
Hanging Faux Leaf Spray
6" Cissus Rotundifolia
Only 1 left!
5" Monstera Siltepecana
Only 1 left!
Otterly Love Trinket Dish
Only 2 left!
Avocado Planter
Taco Planter
Only 2 left!
Taco Planter
Easter Garden To-Go Kit
Art Glass Blue Octopus Paperweight
1 Quart Bower Vine
4" Coleus Lime Time
Only 2 left!
Glass Milliefiore Turtle
Clay Elephant Planter
Only 1 left!
Mini Bee & Ladybug Hanging Planters
Dalmatian/Fire Hydrant Salt & Pepper Shakers
Skunk Salt & Pepper Shakers
Berries and Florals Plate
Sea Animal Mug - 4 Styles
Floating Flower Candle - 2 Colors
6" Pink Jasmine
6" Pink Jasmine
From $24.99
4" Corkscrew Rush Spiralis
Cute Piggy with Friend - Garden to Go Figurine
Bunny Rabbits Cuddling - Garden to Go Figurine
Mini Adorable Rabbit - Garden to Go Figurine
6" Variegated Hindu Rope Hoya
Only 1 left!
10" San Pedro Cactus
2" Ceropegia String of Hearts
Big Plants: Bring the Outside in With Over 45 Friendly Giants
Faux Macramé Pendent Succulent Pot
Faux Dusty Potted Green Vine
Faux Green Draping Vine
Draping Green Berry Swag
Dinosaur Planters
Mouse Pots - 3 Colors
Cat Plant Pot - 3 Colors
6" Alocasia Tiny Dancer
Bees and Coils Windchime
Bells Windchime
Only 2 left!
Pretty Pot Varietals
Octopus Bowl
Only 1 left!
Octopus Bowl
1407 results
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