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"Busby" Burro Buddies Ornament
"Kiki" the Koala Ornament
2.5" Crystal Buddha - 6 Colors
3" Round Hand-Painted Paper Mache Ball Ornament with Florals - 6 Styles
3-1/2"H Hand-Painted Paper Mache Heart Ornament  - 3 Colors
4" Round Glass Rainbow Ball Ornament with Glitter
5"H Handmade Wool Felt Moth Ornament w/ Beads & Embroidery - 4 Colors
6"H Cotton Embroidered Butterfly Ornament with Tassel
7" Round Handmade Wool Felt Wreath Ornament with Pom Poms
7-1/2"H Hand-Painted Metal Bird/Heart Ornament with Bell - 2 Styles
Acacia Wood Abstract Shaped Tray
Acacia Wood Abstract Shaped Tray
Amore Soapstone Heart - 2 Sizes
Antique Black Cast Aluminum Heart Boxes - 2 Sizes
Antique Gold Cast Aluminum Heart Boxes - 2 Sizes
Aqua Waterfall Capiz Chime - 2 Styles
Aqua Yellow Capiz Chime - 2 Sizes
Arch Capiz Chime - 5 Colors
Arctic Owl - Large 6 Styles
Only 2 left!
Ashia Gold on Sage Metal Heart
Avalokitesvara Buddha Garden Statue
Only 1 left!
Balinese Hand-Carved Wood Buddha Statuette
Only 1 left!
Banana Ornament - 3 Styles
Beaded Silver Winter Sprig
Beaded Torch Cactus Ornament
Beauregard the Longhorn Ornament - 4 Styles
Bird Minimals
Black Capiz & Wood Chime
Blossom Potted Plant - 3 Styles
Blue Felt Twin Fairy Mushroom Potted Plant
Blue Glass Bead Windchime
Only 2 left!
Botero Cast Iron Animal Figurines - 4 Styles
Buddha Tea Light Holder
Buddha with Alms Tray - 2 Sizes
Busby the Burro & Friends Ornament - 4 Styles
Butterfly Book Stand
Only 2 left!
Capiz Wind Chime - 4 Styles
Cardboard Tree Hanger
Cardboard Tree Hanger
From $19.99
Carnero Sculpture
Cast Iron Elephant
Cat Minimals
Only 2 left!
Cat Minimals
Cat Wood Pivot Box
Cement Cat - 2 Colors
Chandra Handcrafted Mango Wood Heart Box
Only 2 left!
Colorful Mermaid Ornament - 3 Styles
Daffodil Blossom Potted Plant
Only 2 left!
Decorative Mango Wood Pedestal with Beaded Edge
Blue Lagoon Soapstone Heart - 2 Sizes
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139 results
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