Love Love Love!!

Melt their heart with a heartfelt gift your loved one will cherish! Love makes the world go 'round and we've got a lotta love to give...from Hoya Hearts, Heart Ferns, and Heartleaf Philodendrons to trinket dishes, wall art, suncatchers, vases, candles, garlands, ornaments, AND custom plant arrangements.
Love Love Love!!
123 results
Mini Butterfly Heating Pad
Heart Trinket Box - 2 Styles
Heating Pad Mushroom
Folk Flower Wood Trinket Dish Flowers - 2 Styles
4" Philodendron Pink Princess
Sherpa Heart Heating Pad
Wonderland Butterfly Globe
Only 1 left!
White Ceramic Heart Spoon
Iron Heart Planters - 2 Sizes
Iron Heart Shaped Trellis, Antique Brass Finish
Valentine Heart Garland
Only 1 left!
JellyCat Valentine Plushes - 4 Styles
JellyCat Floral Plushes - 34 Styles
Floating Flower Candle - 2 Colors
Mother's Love Mug
Bowden Picture Frame 5 x 7
Small Carved Wood Coaster with Hearts
Heart Dobby Dishcloths Set Of 3
TANSY - Valentine's Day Garden To-Go Kit
6” Philodendron Pink Princess
Only 1 left!
Felt Heart Stems - 3 Colors
For You Floral Greeting Card
Only 1 left!
6" Philodendron Cordatum (Heart Leaf Philodendron)
Hair Love Trinket Dish
Country Hair Trinket Dish
Only 2 left!
Soapstone Heart Bowl - 2 Sizes
6 Stem Cosmos Flower Branches
"The world is a brighter place..." Heart Shaped Secret Message Candle
Only 2 left!
"Do More of What Makes Your Heart Happy" Secret Message Candle
Faux Gerber Daisy Bouquets - 3 Colors
Faux Gerber Daisy Bouquets - 3 Colors
4" Pink Splash Hypoestes
Only 2 left!
Felt Heart Garland
Only 1 left!
Large Tegan Pot With Succulents
6 Stem Tangerine California Poppy
Only 2 left!
24 Stem American Beauty Drop-in Bouquet - 2 Colors
6" Assorted Colors Kalanchoe
Twilight Soapstone Heart -2 Sizes
Amore Soapstone Heart - 2 Sizes
Bloom Hanging Botanical Chandelier
Only 1 left!
White Heartbeat Pillow
Only 1 left!
8 1/2" x 6 1/2" Wood Picture Frame
6" Heart Shaped Ivy - Hedera Helix Scutifolia
Only 1 left!
The Lovers Tarot Greeting Card
4" French Lavender
Small Tegan Pot With Succulents
Glass Bead Heart Ornament with Pom Poms
4" Hoya Kerri Heart
4" Hoya Kerri Heart
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123 results
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