4" Ficus Shivereana (Moonshine Variegated Ficus)


Ficus Shivereana Moonshine is one of the rarest and most sought-after Ficus varieties. This variety of rubber trees displays highly variegated leaves growing from a central stem. Light and dark shades of green mix with yellows and whites to create gorgeous, mottled leaves - no two leaves are the same! Provide bright sunlight to encourage increased variegations.

This Ficus has a spreading crown and grows 65’ – 98’ tall. When grown as a potted house plant indoor specimens reach 5′ – 10′ feet tall.

Typically this plant starts its life as an epiphyte as it grows in another tree’s branch. 

As it starts growing, the aerial roots are sent down to the ground, which quickly forms roots. 

  • Just like the rubber tree, the Audrey tree grows best when given plenty of bright indirect light conditions. 
  • Ficus plants don’t tolerate prolonged periods of low lights or direct sun. They revolt with leaf loss.
  • Therefore, pick a spot where it receives indirect light, like near an east-facing window.
  • These plants also don’t tolerate drafts or low temperatures. 
  • It is essential to ensure the temperature stays above 60° degrees Fahrenheit (15° C). 
  • For optimal growth, the temperature should be above 70° degrees Fahrenheit (21° C).
  • Cold drafts through air-conditioners, doors, or windows will harm the plant. 
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