3 Gallon Ginger Shell Plant (Alpina Variegated)


Alpinia Zerumbet Variegata Plant Care

Size & Growth

Variegated ginger is a low maintenance plant featuring upright clumps with fleshy, dense rhizomes, resembling the culinary ginger. 

This specimen plant with a rapid growth rate grows to about 10’ feet tall. 

However, when grown as an annual container plant in northern areas, it only grows about 3’ to 4’ feet tall. 

Long arching stems grow from the rhizomes with several lance-shaped leaves.

As the name suggests, this plant has variegated foliage. 

It produces green leaves with yellow stripes. 

However, each leaf varies in its variegation amount – some are green with gold or creamy yellow strips, and others are yellow with green-colored streaks.

Flowering and Fragrance

The Variegated Ginger produces inflorescence of shell-like flowers. 

These are often referred to as shell flowers since the buds bear a resemblance to sea shells. 

However, it is important to note these pink flowers don’t blossom on the plants being stored for winter or grown as annuals since it only produces inflorescences on old growth.

Light & Temperature

The Shell Ginger enjoys growing in the full sun but likes afternoon shade during the harsh summers. 

Even though it tolerates various light conditions, it is best to place the plant under a bright light.

Ideally, place the plant near a south facing window when growing indoors where it receives part sun or filtered sun and is protected from the harsh rays of the midday sunshine.

The USDA zone of hardiness is from 8 to 10. 

However, these plants might tolerate zone 7 when adequately protected during the winter season.

Variegated Shell Ginger Watering and Feeding

During its growing season, this plant requires plenty of water. 

Avoid letting the soil dry out completely, but also ensure it is not soggy constantly.

It is not a drought-tolerant plant and will suffer greatly without proper irrigation, especially during the summer season. 

Partial shade and regular watering will ensure the plant grows optimally.

If growing in containers, make sure to feed the plant every month with liquid food.

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