4" Alocasia Polly African Mask



The Alocasia plant is also known as the African Mask plant is an attractive foliage plant and houseplant capable of growing quite large if given enough humidity and extra light during the winter months.

Its unique foliage make it an interesting houseplant and even more interesting in a landscape.

Size and Growth: The varieties grown as a “houseplant” can grow up to 4 feet tall, with leaves 20 inches long or more.

Each leaf begins growing from the ground on a long stem. Some varieties will produce a trunk as they mature and grow leaves of considerable size.

Flowering: Alocasias do flower with a “calla-like bloom” but are grown primarily for their leaves and the decorative value they provide. The flowers have no particular scent.

Light and Temperature: The Alocasia requires good lighting all through the year. During winter months the plant may “rest” often due to lower, poor or indirect light levels.

They also require loots or warmth. The landscape varieties can grow outdoors in direct sunlight. The “houseplant” varieties like bright light but only need partial sun.

Temperatures below 50 degrees may cause the plant to lose leaves.

Watering and Feeding: The soil or potting media should be kept evenly moist. It responds well to liquid feed delivered at half the recommended label dose.

Soil and Transplanting: Provide a well-drained soil for the plant. For planting in pots, use 2 parts African violet soil mix and 1 part perlite, will produce excellent results.

With potted plants a good layer of drainage material at the bottom of the pot can be beneficial. A small pot with poor soil can slow down plant growth.

When planting in the ground, with a good mix of organic material incorporated is advised.

Grooming: The plant requires no real grooming other than removing older leaves with a sharp knife as they whither and die off normally.

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