The ficus Bonsai tree is an indoor Bonsai which cannot endure frost. It can be kept outside in summer, if temperatures are above 15 degrees C (59F) and it needs lots of light – full sun is ideal, in the house as well as outside if the tree is exposed to the ultraviolet radiation gradually or if it is defoliated before placing the tree outside. A very shady position is unfavorable. The temperature should be kept relatively constant. Figs can endure low humidity due to their thick, waxy leaves, but they prefer a higher humidity and need extremely high humidity to develop aerial roots.

The Ficus should be watered normally, which means it should be given water generously whenever the soil gets slightly dry, about once every 10 days or so. The Bonsai Ficus can tolerate occasional over- or under-watering. Soft water with room temperature is perfect. Daily misting to maintain humidity is advised, don't overdo this otherwise fungal problems can appear. The warmer the position of the fig during winter the more water it needs. If it overwinters at a cooler place it only needs to be kept slightly moist. 

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