The Philodendron birkin is a rare gorgeous houseplant with dark green leaves. The beautiful leaves are variegated with a light yellow too. You don’t find many plants like it.

Tropical philodendron birkins come from the Araceae family. Philodendron is a subcategory of this family.

Philodendron birkin plants thrive from bright indirect light. You want to give your plant the feeling it’s under a tropical canopy. You have to mimic its’ natural habitat. 

Direct sunlight for too long can cause leaves to start falling off. The plant will dry up fast and wilt away. But too much shade is just as dangerous for your birkin plant. It can cause too much space between the leaves and the stems will start to sag. So, if you choose to place your birkin plant in a window sill, place it in an east or west-facing window.

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