5 Gallon Odontonema Strictum "Fire Spike"


Odontonema Strictum [oh-dawn-toe-NEEM-muh, STRICK-tum] is a herbaceous plant belonging to the family Acanthaceae called firespike. 

Native to Mexico and Central America, this firespike plant boasts lovely crimson blooms and gleaming foliage. 

This landscape jewel is a tropical native so it likes to grow in that type of environment; which means the flowering plant strives and thrives well in a relatively hot climate throughout the year.

However, the tropical plant fails to live in frosty, cold areas and therefore, planting it in cold lands is considered a bad idea. 

Firespikes live in Hardiness USDA Zones 8 or higher, which includes the southernmost areas of Texas, Florida, and California.

The versatile and useful shrub needs partial shade to full sun for optimal performance. 

Experts suggest firespike plants require 75 – 95% of sunlight. 

Firespikes need regular water to maintain its long spikes and tubular flowers throughout the season. 

To maintain this flowering plant, fertilizing is crucial.

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