6” Xanthosoma (Caladium Lindenii)


Xanthosoma Growing Instructions

Indoors, xanthosoma likes a spot with medium to bright, indirect light. It thrives under both natural light and artificial light (such as fluorescent or LED bulbs). Avoid direct afternoon sun, especially in hot-summer climates. Too much direct sun, even through a window, can cause sunburned patches of the foliage. 
Tip: If you have a sunny window but it's too much direct sun, filter the light through a sheer curtain. 
Outdoors, xanthosoma can be grown in a shaded spot. 

Water xanthosoma as the top couple of inches of the potting mix dry to the touch. How much water this is and how often it needs to be applied differs from situation to situation. Factors such as light, temperature, and pot size all impact a plant's water usage. 

Take care not to overwater your xanthosoma. If it stays wet for extended periods, especially in short winter days, the roots will suffocate, die, and rot. When well watered, the foliage tends to stand upright. As it gets thirsty, the leaves tend to take on a droopy appearance. 

Xanthosoma prefers above-average relative humidity levels when grown indoors. If the air is too dry, you may see the leaf tips and edges get brown and crispy. 

In areas with dry indoor air, you can provide more humidity by growing it in a large terrarium, grouping other houseplants around your xanthosoma, placing a small humidifier nearby, or growing it over a large pebble tray. 
Tip: Misting isn't all that helpful for raising humidity as it provides only a short-term boost. 

Clip off old, faded xanthosoma leaves as they age. No other pruning is required. 

Push more growth from your xanthosoma by fertilizing in spring and summer. Use a general-purpose fertilizer labeled for houseplants. Different fertilizers have different application rates and frequencies, so follow the directions on the product packaging.
Tip: Never apply more fertilizer than the packaging instructions recommend. Too much fertilizer can burn plant roots, causing leaves to die. 


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