Unique Home Accents

"we are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love"

- Dr. Seuss

Unique Home Accents
233 results
"Do More of What Makes Your Heart Happy" Secret Message Candle
Only 2 left!
Glass Jungle Leaf Bowl - 2 Sizes
Blue Felt Twin Fairy Mushroom Potted Plant
Only 1 left!
Red Felt Twin Fairy Mushroom Potted Plant
Panda Salt & Pepper
Only 2 left!
Planter Pot with Drainage Holes and Saucers
Fabric Butterfly Ornament with Beads & Embroidery - 3 Styles
"The world is a brighter place..." Heart Shaped Secret Message Candle
Only 2 left!
Tippy Toadstool Ceramic Tray
Only 1 left!
Caterpillar Minimal Figurine
Prized Plant Ornament - 3 Styles
JellyCat Dinosaur Plushes -  10 Styles
Ashby Budvases - 3 Sizes
Virgo Zodiac Superlative Candle
Lumbar Heating Pads - 2 Styles
Carter and Rose Ceramic Wall Snakes - 8 Colors
Gemini Zodiac Superlative Candle
Only 1 left!
Nibbles Pot
Nibbles Pot
5"H Handmade Wool Felt Moth Ornament w/ Beads & Embroidery - 4 Colors
Buddha with Alms Tray - 2 Sizes
Pisces Zodiac Superlative Candle
JellyCat Bag Charms - 10 Styles
Fa La Llama Ornament
Only 2 left!
Cancer Zodiac Superlative Candle
Yellow Felt Twin Fairy Mushroom Potted Plant
Only 2 left!
Chagahouse Stickers - 7 Styles
Enameled Acacia Wood Trays with Florals & Bee - 3 Styles
Libra Zodiac Superlative Candle
Sherpa Heart Heating Pad
Wool Felt Mushrooms - 2 Styles
Felted Wool Forest Ring - 3 Styles
Faux Gerber Daisy Bouquets - 3 Colors
Scorpio Zodiac Superlative Candle
Only 2 left!
Mini Butterfly Heating Pad
Found Hand-Beaded Cotton Tassel Camel Adornments
Metal Bottle Opener - 2 Styles
Glass Glitter Ball Ornament - 5 Colors
Sagittarius Zodiac Superlative Candle
Midnight Garden Trinket Dish
Only 2 left!
Felt Mushroom Ornament - Blue
Enameled Mango Wood Trays with Evergreen Botanicals - 3 Styles/Sizes
Bramley Candle Holders - 3 Styles
Burned Wall Art
Burned Wall Art
From $49.99
Capricorn Zodiac Superlative Candle
Taurus Zodiac Superlative Candle
Only 1 left!
Felt Twin Mushroom Ornament - Yellow
Blossom Potted Plant - 3 Styles
Art Glass Fire Butterfly - 2 Colors
233 results
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