Unique Home Accents

"we are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love"

- Dr. Seuss

Unique Home Accents
233 results
"I Love You So Much" Amazing Secret Message Candle
Only 1 left!
Hanging Glass Vase with Wire Hanger
Snow Drop Blossom Potted Plant
Only 2 left!
Yeti Ski Bum Ornament - 3 Styles
Felt Peyote Cactus
Only 1 left!
Festive Cacti Ornament - 3 Styles
Velvet Ribbon with Scissor Spool 5 yards - 7 Colors
Painted Wood Heart Garland - 4 Colors
Enameled Acacia Wood Trays, Garden Print - 2 Styles
Hand-Stamped Stoneware Jar with Bamboo Lid and Floral Print - 2 Colors
Hand Painted Metal Wall Hanging Butterfly - 9 Styles
Leo Zodiac Superlative Candle
Heating Pad Mushroom
Heart Candles - 6 Styles
Embroidered Snowflake Ornament - 2 Styles
Fruity Hippo & Elephant Ornament - 2 Styles
Felt Fish Ornament - 4 Styles
Linen Lumbar Microwavable Heating Pad - Folk Flower
Only 1 left!
Dasher Bowls - 2 Sizes
Felt Harvest Leaf- 6 Colors
Faux Yellow Waffle Stem
Only 2 left!
Kenza Gold Metal Lantern
Only 1 left!
Brown Recycled Glass Made in Valencia, Spain
Only 1 left!
Aquarius Zodiac Superlative Candle
Felt Love Cactus
Only 2 left!
Felt Snake Plant
Only 1 left!
Buddy Bunny Ornament  - 2 Colors
Wool Felted Lion - 2 Styles
Mini Easter Bunnies - 5 Pack/2 Colors
Easter Bunny Table Decoration - 4 Colors/2 Sizes
Planta Collection - 3 Styles
Cat Wood Pivot Box
Only 1 left!
Felt Flower Garland
Glass Milliefiore Turtle
Only 1 left!
Felt Prickly Pear Cactus Ornament
Only 2 left!
Dulari Song Garland - 2 Styles
"Everything I Love About You..." Amazing Secret Message Candle
Set of 5 Felted Wool Mini Heart Ornament - 5 Colors
Felted Llama Ornament
Glass Bead Heart Ornament with Pom Poms
Aries Zodiac Superlative Candle
Ladyfinger Crochet Cactus Ornament
Beaded Torch Cactus Ornament
Cat Antique Finish Smartphone Dock
Only 1 left!
Crochet Easter Eggs - 3 Styles
Floral Felt Garlands - 4 Styles
Mushroom Ornament - 2 Colors
Butterfly Garden Trinket Dish
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233 results
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